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CoilBuilder-3-HYBRID © CoilBuilder-3-HYBRID ©
CoilBuilder-3-HYBRID CoilBuilder-3-HYBRID
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CoilBuilder-3-HYBRID ©




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This is an outdated model! Order COILBUILDER PRO or COILBUILDER PRO 608, link below in product description! CoilBuilder-3-HYBRID © (ORIGINAL) - mini lathe for winding complex spirals for weaving. Before work, be sure to roll the bearing (as in the description below). Author's model of Korolev Eugeny (Russia - 3DVAPE).

This model is out of production, choose new models  - COILBUILDER PRO 608 or COILBUILDER PRO

CoilBuilder-3-HYBRID © is a mini machine for winding complex vaping coils, designed to fix the wire in the opposite direction from the screwdriver / drill during the manufacture of coils / coils / strings.
Author's model of KorolevEvgeny (3DVAPE).
Start of sales CoilBuilder-2 from August 29, 2016 - 

Attention, since the 608 is a hybrid bearing of the RADIAL type, and you will be working on the support, then before operating the machine, it is DESIRABLY to roll the bearing, while the balls roll the work surface and crush possible dust particles. To run the bearing in, fasten the machine to the table, connect the drill / screwdriver with the machine with a rigid hitch (for example, 0.4-0.5 mm wire) to the machine at maximum speed for 3-5 minutes in both directions ( the longer the better). After that, the bearing will be much easier to rotate.


CoilBuilder-3-HYBRID © is designed to fix the wire in the opposite direction from the screwdriver / drill side during the manufacture of spirals / coils / strings.
CoilBuilder-3-HYBRID © consists of:
- base of high-strength plastic
- head made of high-strength plastic with a hybrid bearing (ceramic balls)
- Crossings (hinged mechanism)
- hairpin carved out of order of aviation aluminum
- non-slip feet made of high-quality silicone
- all hardware in stainless steel

The color of the plastic is only BRANDED 3DVAPE - BLACK / ORANGE !!!

You also have the option of applying 3D text (or no complex logo) from one side of the machine. This option will be longer to be manufactured and will be more expensive. You can choose this option at the time of the order. You can send the text to our manager by e-mail.

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