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CoilBuilder PRO 608 CoilBuilder PRO 608
CoilBuilder pro 608 CoilBuilder pro 608

CoilBuilder PRO 608


Price depending on purchase amount

from 1 to 3 13
from 4 to 11 11.5
from 12 to 19 11.1
from 20 and more 10
+ FULL ceramic bearing

+ 7.5

+ hybrid bearing

+ 2.4

+ hybrid bearing and fan

+ 4

+ hybrid bearing and turbo head

+ 5.5

+ NSK steel bearing

+ 5.4




60 g

- +

ATTENTION, when ordering, put ONLY 1 tick on the choice of bearing! CoilBuilder PRO 608 © / CoilBilder PRO 608 © (ORIGINAL). Since July, 2019 we offer the best bearing at the moment - FULLY CERAMIC !!! The author's model of the machine for winding complex spirals for professional coilbilders. The author of the idea, 3D design and titles - Korolev Evgeny (3DVAPE.RU / Russia) Attention, STEEL or HYBRID bearings must be attached with tension, in both directions for 3-5 minutes at a speed of 2000 rpm (With Ceramics, this is not necessary).

Bearing to choose from (drop-down menu) HYBRID or steel NSK Japan.
If you order the version WITHOUT A BEARING, then the fit of the complete stud in YOUR BEARING is under your responsibility, claims that the stud is not included or loose will NOT be accepted.

The bearing is easy to replace by unscrewing the 2 screws. On request, you can supply any type of bearing 608 of the dimensional series, radial ones - steel, hybrid, ceramics or hard radial.
Changes in the machine head:
- holders become shorter, to reduce the effect of "pecking"
- 6 holes for cooling the bearing were added.

ClipCoil-3.1-PRO © for this version of the machine

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