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ClipCoil-3.1-PRO © ClipCoil-3.1-PRO ©
Clipcoil 3.1 PRO Clipcoil 3.1 PRO
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ClipCoil-3.1-PRO ©


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ClipCoil-3.1-PRO © - a professional tool - is FORMULATED ONLY for fixing to the axis of the machine CoilBuilder-3-Hybrid ©, CoilBuilder-2 ©, CoilBuilder PRO 608 and other machines with 608 bearings. Author Korolev Evgeniy (Russia). Copying is prohibited! ClipCoil-3.1-PRO © - NOT suitable for CoilBuilder PRO / CoilBuilder PRO 606 !!!!!!!!!

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ClipCoil-3.1-PRO © is a professional tool.
The author is Korolev Evgeny (Russia). Copying is prohibited!
ClipCoil-3.1-PRO © clip (ClipCoil-3.1-PRO ©) is intended ONLY for fixing to the axis (8mm) of CoilBuilder-3-Hybrid ©, CoilBuilder-2 © and CoilBuilder PRO 608 machines.
In the clamp you can fix several wires in a row, this is necessary when you make complex windings.
ClipCoil-3.1-PRO © is made of high-strength plastic, clamping screws are made of red-hot steel.
The kit includes:
- ClipCoil-3.1-PRO © clamp with clamping screw (3 mm hexagon) made of high strength steel
- additional wing screw (it can be installed if necessary)
- steel nail, which is designed for reliable fixation of the clamp on the axis of the machine CoilBuilder-3-Hybrid ©
Installation Order:
1 - unclip the carabiner on the aluminum axis of the CoilBuilder and remove it
2 - put on the axis of the ClipCoil 3.1 PRO machine until the through hole is aligned
3 - insert the nail from the kit into the hole and, if necessary, bend the tip of the nail, you can use any wire with a diameter of 1-1.2 mm instead of the nail

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