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3DVAPE is a project created by Korolev Evgeny on December 1, 2015.
The main direction is the production of a unique tool for coiling.
The initial development began with the VKontakte 3DVAPE group, then the @ 3DVAPE instagram appeared and then the 3DVAPE.RU site
We constantly communicate with many professional coilbillers from different countries and, at their request, advice and tests, we develop special purpose tools that are designed to simplify the process of manufacturing coils / spirals for weaving.
At the moment, in our assortment there are not a few author's models (by Korolev Evgeny) of models of tools.
All products on our website are original and authentic, which is stated in every description under the product.
We are always glad to hear your suggestions or comments.
Do not be shy, write directly to the project manager Korolev Evgeniy

Best regards, 3DVAPE team


Eugeny Korolev

Eugeny Korolev

Project Manager
Anna Koroleva

Anna Koroleva

Receiving and processing orders

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