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ATTENTION, for exact calculation of options and cost of delivery, in the "basket"
select your country, only in this case the system will show you all possible options.
Initially, CORRECTly fill out the shipping information, this will speed up the processing of your order.

1. Mail of Small package 10-25 days. With mail, we also work on contractual relations as a legal entity. All parcels are entered by us into the electronic system (so-called lists) and immediately the track number is formed with the cost of sending and only then we include all parcels in the department (also once a week, usually from Thursday to Saturday). For this reason, physical checks can not be made on paper. For 7 years of working with the Post of Russia there was not a single problem with the delivery of orders.

2. EMS 7-15 days. As a rule, EMS is more expensive than a simple parcel a few times, but faster. Usually EMS dovtavku choose either companies or foreigners. If the goods you ordered are in stock, then sending EMS is faster than all the sotal deliveries.


We work only on 100% advance payment.

You can pay for the order  (we will provide the data after placing the order) :
  • PAYPAL +7%
  • Transfer to VISA card of Sberbank of Russia (Kaluga)
  • QIWI +2 % 
  • Gold Crown  (only 1% of the CIS countries and not only)
  • KYKYRYZA  (0% from card-to-card of kykyryza)

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