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Diester oil For bearings (USA) - 5 ml Diester oil For bearings (USA) - 5 ml

Diester oil For bearings (USA) - 5 ml




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ANDEROL 401D is a synthetic ester oil for miniature, ultra-sensitive instrumental ball bearings. Manufacturer ANDEROL (USA). Special purpose oil with low kinematic viscosity. Oil ANDEROL 401D is suitable for micro zirconium ball bearings, with an optimal amount of lubricant, the bearing starts to work quieter.

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- ideal for ceramic sensitive micro bearings
- creates a hydrodynamic film of appropriate thickness and strength
- reduces friction and wear of the separator
- prevents metal-to-metal contact
- helps to distribute heat correctly over the bearing
- contains anti-corrosion protection components

Attention! Keep away from children! In case of contact with skin, allergic reactions are possible.

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