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CoilBuilder PRO 606FC CoilBuilder PRO 606FC
Коилбилдер ПРО 606FC Коилбилдер ПРО 606FC

CoilBuilder PRO 606FC


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CoilBuilder PRO 606 FC © / CoilBilder PRO 606 FC © (ORIGINAL). From July 2019 only full ceramic 606 bearings are installed.   The author's model of the machine for winding complex spirals for professional coilbilders.

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For this version of the machine is suitable ONLY - ClipCoil-PRO-6 ©

Video clip from the previous version of the machine!

The author of the idea, 3D design and titles - Korolev Evgeny (3DVAPE.RU / Russia)

CoilBuilder PRO 606FC © / CoilBilder PRO 606FC © (ORIGINAL) is a mini machine for winding complex vaping coils.
The model update date is July 10, 2019, the model creation date is June 5, 2018.

CoilBuilder PRO 606FC © - designed for fixing the wire in the opposite side of the screwdriver / drill, during the manufacture of spirals / coils / strings.

Plastic color only BRANDED 3DVAPE - BLACK / ORANGE !!!

For optimal performance of the 606FC ceramic bearing at increased loads (high revs, high tension, high noise ...), you may need professional ANDEROL 401D oil

Алексей Фролов

Бл@! Охеренная штука! Очень радует, что это сделано в нашей стране :)


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