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CRYSTAL-ST220 - modular dumplings CRYSTAL-ST220 - modular dumplings

CRYSTAL-ST220 - modular dumplings




205 g

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CRYSTAL-ST220 is the author's model of a dumpling maker, designed to work with dough after a dough sheeter up to 220 mm wide. The dumpling maker is modular, any number of modules can be folded in length or width! One module "CRYSTAL-ST220" = 33 dumplings, the size of the finished dumpling WITHOUT MARGINS 4.5x2.5x1.6 cm. Between each other, LONGER, the modules are fixed with magnets, but you can order modules without magnets. Bottom silicone non-slip feet. The author of the idea and development is Evgeny Korolev September 2020.

Dumpling machine "CRYSTAL-ST220" is a standard size of dumplings, 33 pcs and is designed for a dough sheeter up to 220 mm wide.

- unique design of the dumplings
- perhaps the most successful size and shape of dumplings (crystal)
- clever design for fast and high-quality preparation of dumplings
- environmentally friendly and durable plastic WITHOUT ODOR
- high quality neodymium magnets (option)
- magnets are secured as securely as possible with stainless steel screws
- silicone legs (spare can be ordered separately)
- exclusive tool for pushing dough - PRESSURE (see description below)
- it is best to roll the mold with a PLASTIC rolling pin or steel

Plastic color only ORANGE! The magnets are tuned so that the modules can only be assembled when correctly positioned to each other.

In addition, we also offer a special-purpose tool - PRESSURE, which is designed to evenly push the grooves in the dough for laying the filling (it is faster, more even and more accurate than "poking" with your fingers):
- PRESSURE "K-ST220-mini" - mini crusher for 6 cells for the CRYSTAL-ST220 dumplings
- PRESSURE "K-ST220-MAX" - a large crusher for all 33 cells for the CRYSTAL-ST220 dumplings

Overall dimensions of the KRISTALL-ST220 dumplings - 27 * 19.8 * 1.8 cm

After work, the CRYSTAL-ST220 dumpling maker can be washed in WARM water, it is also permissible to use a small amount of dishwashing detergent.

Dumplings are prohibited:
- dishwasher safe
- wash or leave in hot (above 50 degrees Celsius) water
- leave in water for a long time
- leave near heating devices
- leave in direct sunlight
- heat above 50 degrees

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