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Hard Zip Case Hard Zip Case
Кейс для инструментов от 3dvape Кейс для инструментов от 3dvape
case 3dvape case 3dvape
case 3dvape case 3dvape
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Hard Zip Case




210 g

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Stylish carrying case / zipper bag for carrying and storing 3DVAPE tools.

Stylish zippered carrying case / bag for carrying and storing VAPE tools.
On the case the corporate 3D logo is 3DVAPE.
If you are "VAPE professional" of your business and take care of your tools, then this reliable case is for you.
The case is made of a rigid skeleton under a carbon fiber, with barharnoy plating from the inside.
Also inside there is a flexible pocket and a few rubber locks.
There is a handle on the outside.
The case is simultaneously placed:
- steel knob for fixing CoilBuiler-3-HYBRID
- machine tool CoilBuiler-3-HYBRID
- steel With clamp for fixing the bracket or machine CoilBuilder-3-HYBRID
- Clips ClipCoil-3-PRO and ClipCoil-3.1-PRO
- Holders Coreholder Pro Pack
- and there is still plenty of room for your individual VAPE tool.
Cases in stock will not always be. Order for earlier.

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