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Head with 608 bearings for CoilBuilder PRO Head with 608 bearings for CoilBuilder PRO

Head with 608 bearings for CoilBuilder PRO

Cross for PROLite or PROmag

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At the moment the best bearing is FULL CERAMIC. New head model (07.2019) for CoilBuilder PRO 608 (suitable for CoilBilder machine versions with 608 bearing types with an axis of 8 mm in diameter). Head assembly with a bearing to choose from or without a bearing, with an aluminum pin, stainless steel snap hook and cross piece. The author's model of Queen Eugene (Russia, 3DVAPE.RU). Copying is NOT ALLOWED!

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Since June 2019. We offer a new type of bearings - 608FC - ZrO2 CERAMICS

The head is different from previous versions of QUICK AND SIMPLE REPLACEMENT OF THE BEARING. To replace it, you just need to remove the head from the machine and unscrew 2 mini screws, then squeeze the bearing out with your hands. If you need to pull out the pin, you will have to “mumble”, as to increase the reliability of the machine, the pin is placed on a special retainer. If you don’t get a pin, order a new one!

If you have mini machines: PRO LITE or PRO MAG, and you want to install this head, then when ordering, put a tick on (Crosspiece for PROLite, PROmag), in this case a special transitional cross will be installed instead of the standard one. If you want the transitional cross to be separate, then order it separately (No. 2) - CROSS

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