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FreeHANDer FreeHANDer
FreeHANDer FreeHANDer
фрихэндер педаль для шуруповерта фрихэндер педаль для шуруповерта
FreeHANDer педаль для дрели FreeHANDer педаль для дрели
фрихэндер фрихэндер



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FreeHANDer is the mechanical control of the screwdriver / drill button with a foot pedal. The kit consists of a pedal, a cable (1.6 meters) and a mechanism for controlling the button (MCB).

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From August 19, 2018 the pedal and MCB are fully developed in 3DVAPE by Evgeny Korolev, and at the moment there are no analogues.
FreeHANDer is suitable for all screwdrivers and drills.
The pedal and MCB are designed with maximum simplicity and reliability.
The order of installation. First, you need to firmly fix the screwdriver to the table for example with a clamp. Next, lay the cable on a convenient path to the floor and put a pedal on the floor, it is IMPORTANT that the cable is in working position. Next, fix the grandmother cable in the MCB and install it on the handle of the screwdriver at the level of the button and fix with 2 screws from the kit so that the MCB does not hang out. Press the pedal several times. In the pedal 2 adjustments are provided, this is the pressure limiter and the cable tensioner. It is necessary to adjust everything so that when the pedal is depressed there is no idling and there was no excess pressure on the button.
Advantages of Freehand:
- simplifies and speeds up the work of the co-builder
- high mechanical reliability
- Careful attitude to the screwdriver and it does not need to be dismantled
- quick and easy installation and removal
- the bottom of the pedal glued silicone anti-slip supports, and the top relief 3D drawing

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