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606 ZrO2 ceramic bearing 606 ZrO2 ceramic bearing
Керамический подшипник 606 3dvape Керамический подшипник 606 3dvape

606 ZrO2 ceramic bearing




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High-quality radial 606 ceramic bearing (ZrO2 zirconia) from 3DVAPE. For looser rotation, a lightweight cage is installed in the bearing with a minimal contact patch with the balls. 606 is installed in the CoilBuilder 606 machine, and is also suitable for machines of earlier versions in which the axis / shaft of the bearing is 6 mm.

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Almost perfect bearing for the manufacture of coils (coils) for vaping. 606 standard size ceramic bearing suitable for work with a thin base wire of 0.2-0.3 + mm. If the work is at very high revs and under tension, then ANDEROL-401D professional lubricant.

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