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606FC head ASSEMBLY with cross 606FC head ASSEMBLY with cross

606FC head ASSEMBLY with cross


Price depending on purchase amount

from 6 and more 11.6

+ -6

Plastic part only

WITHOUT: bearing, AL studs, carabiner, crosspieces, mounts, covers

+ -8.5




22 g

- +

NEW 2019! Head with 606FC (ceramic bearing - Full Ceramic) assembled with a crosspiece. Suitable for installation in the standard base of CoilBuilder machines. The cross is not suitable for CoilBuilder MAG / LITE!

Head assembled, ready to install.
The complex includes:
- head missile defense
- Full Ceramic bearing 606FC (NEW 2019)
- axis 6 mm
- carbine
- a cover and 2 self-tapping screws
- Krstovina for installation in the standard CoilBuilder database
- 1 screw, 2 washers and 1 nut
Attention, you should have a return screw on the machine, it is necessary!

For optimal performance of the 606FC ceramic bearing at increased loads (high revs, high tension, high noise ...), you may need professional ANDEROL 401D oil

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