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CoilBuilder MAG 606FC © CoilBuilder MAG 606FC ©
CoilBuilder-MAG-606 CoilBuilder-MAG-606
CoilBuilder MAG 606FC CoilBuilder MAG 606FC

CoilBuilder MAG 606FC ©


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Since July 2019, only FULL CERAMIC radial BEARINGS 606 are installed!   CoilBuilder MAG 606FC © is an ultra compact device (machine) for fixing the wire during the manufacture / winding of coils / vapors for vaping. The author of the 3D design and model name CoilBuilder MAG © - Korolev Evgeny - 3DVAPE.RU from June 15, 2018.

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The CoilBuilder MAG 606FC © machine can be mounted on any steel surface using super powerful magnets fixed with screws. The strength of the magnets on the lead from 6 to 8 kg! During the development of this version of the machine, more than 10 types of magnets of different shapes were tested, several batches of magnets were purchased from different suppliers and manufacturers in Europe and Russia. As a result, this particular form of magnets was chosen, and it is from a specific manufacturer (commercial information).
In addition to the magnets, 2 silicone anti-slip feet are provided. Because of them, the machine does not slip during operation.
If necessary, the magnets can be removed (by unscrewing 2 screws) and fasten the machine, for example, on self-tapping screws to any vertical surface. There are a lot of mounting options, and this mobile version was developed for this.
Additional features of CoilBuilder MAG 606FC ©:
- the machine has become smaller and lighter
- new head with 6 vents with ceramic bearing
- the bearing is covered with a lid, and to replace it you just need to unscrew 2 micro-screws
- the mounting holes at the latest machine tools have the same axial distance, that is, they are suitable for standard fixing to the steel bracket from 3DVAPE
- the weight of the machine is now only 45 g

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