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CoilBuilder  LITE 606FC - ON ORDER !!! CoilBuilder  LITE 606FC - ON ORDER !!!
CoilBuilder PRO LITE CoilBuilder PRO LITE

CoilBuilder LITE 606FC - ON ORDER !!!


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Since July 2019 ONLY the ceramic 606 bearing is installed! CoilBuilder LITE 606FC © is an extremely compact device (machine) for fixing the wire during the manufacture / winding of coils / vapors for vaping. The author of the 3D design and model name CoilBuilder LITE

CoilBuilder  LITE 606FC © is the cheapest and easiest of the new PRO series machines.
The machine can be mounted on 2 screws or screws to a vertical or horizontal surface. Or, alternatively, you can fasten it to a piece of wood and then fix it anywhere, even hold it in a vice :)
Fastening options are many.

Additional features of CoilBuilder  LITE 606FC ©:
- miniature size and weight of the instrument
- new head with 6 holes for bearing cooling
- all-ceramic 606 radial bearing
- the bearing is covered with a lid, and to replace it you just need to unscrew 2 micro-screws
- the mounting holes at the latest machine tools have the same axial distance, that is, they are suitable for standard fixing to the steel bracket from 3DVAPE
- the weight of the machine is only 25 g

To reduce the noise of the ceramic bearing and to work at high revs, order professional American bearing oil - ANDEROL 401D

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